Operating System Services

AIM Solutions provide personalized operating system support services for customers. Our system administrators have expertise in managing different phases of the operating system support lifecycle. These include, planning, implementation, troubleshooting, and recovery. Our team can work directly with your system administration staff, system development teams, or other third party vendors and support service providers.

To ensure that you achieve organizational milestones, we will deliver the following operating system services:

  1. ▣ Iterative examination of local resources (devices, geometry, performance)
  2. ▣ Analysis of vital system information statistics
  3. ▣ New OS implementations (planning/installation)
  4. ▣ Operating system implementations/upgrades
  5. ▣ Examination of non-local resources (network connectivity, network storage and backup and recovery models)

We provide support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, Sun Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux environments. Our experience also extends to directly working with operating system vendors to resolve complex operational and IT infrastructure environment issues.